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Book your free demo with us direct where you can see first hand what the Fogarty Oven can do and also get a closer look at the quality of build or for a full demonstration with a professional chef we can arrange a booking through our distributor and partner Kitchen Solutions.

We have a demonstration kitchen set up at one of our distributors Kitchen Solutions warehouse and offices located in south Birmingham, if you would like to book a full demo please call them on 0121 399 0016 or you can contact us direct! 

Our customers love the Fogarty Charcoal Oven

"The Fogarty Charcoal Oven has changed the way we cook in our kitchen cutting service time and bringing magical flavours to our food which has pleased our customers and ultimately increased our revenue..."

The Steakhouse and Bistro Pub - Staffordshire

"The best decision we have made choosing the Fogarty Oven,our food now has succulent flavours and its flexibility allows us to grill,roast ,slow cook and even smoke almost anything"

The Carbone Italian Restaurant - Rome

"Sensational food from a sensational charcoal grill the Fogarty oven really is outstanding and lets you be in control"

The Sour Monkey Bar and Grill

"You need this in your kitchen,it is easy to maintain it creates the finest tasting authentic food it has finesse and the food stays moist and succulent"

The Forest Oak Bistro Pub

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