Behind the scenes at Fogarty Charcoal Ovens

About John Fogarty

Founder, designer, developer.

Role: Manufacturer and head of sales.

I am a 39 year old engineer born and bred in south London.

I have vast experience in engineering and am accomplished in design, when i work with these together i excel in both departments, my love of food cooked over charcoal and my fascination of how the closed chamber charcoal grill works so well brought me into this business, i wanted to make a simple and easy to use oven that would ultimately help chefs in kitchens around the world, me being a perfectionist believed that i could design and build a perfect solid fuelled oven that would be better than those currently on the market and believe i have created a product that is just that and  know that the Fogarty Charcoal Oven will help any restaurant thrive to be the best. 

About Tracey Martin


Role: Admin,marketing and head of operations.

I have 15 experience in admin,accounts and marketing. I have excellent customer relations and will be making sure the company runs smoothly behind the scenes.


The Fogarty Charcoal Oven was originally designed in London by owner and founder John Fogarty who's journey has since taken him to Stafford, Staffordshire where he now resides building each oven by hand.We started our business because we knew that we had a good idea and believe our Charcoal Oven design is better than the rest. We are passionate about our product because we know that restaurants, hotels, steakhouses, bistros, gastro pubs etc will reap the benefits from having our oven in their kitchen.

The Fogarty Charcoal Oven turns good food into great food, turns great food into quality food, turns quality food into Michelin star grade food.


Efficient and effective with cooking temperatures ranging from 50 degrees Celsius up to 500 degrees Celsius.

lower fuel consumption than conventional grills


fast and flexible:

Faster cooking and flexible with its temperature range.

  • How the Fogarty Charcoal Oven works so well : Heat can be transferred by three methods.




original and outstanding: 

Original and sleek design with proven Outstanding Performance.

  • Conduction - direct contact : Direct heat whilst cooking in or just above the coals Excellent for imbuing steaks and game at high temps great for creating the maillard reaction.



great and global:

Producing Great food around the Globe.

  • Convection - air flow : Air is drawn in from the bottom vent then circulates inside the chamber creating hot air that is evenly distributed throughout superb when cooking larger foods like whole chickens and joints of meat.



authentic and aromatic:

Authentic charcoal flavour with an Aromatic taste.

  • Radiation - thermal energy : Once the thick metal walls inside the chamber become fully heated they begin to let off a radiation of in-direct heat whilst still holding it for long periods : this allows the oven chamber to stay hotter for longer, great for slow cooking once coals have burnt out too. 


reliable and resilient:

Reliable with its even cooking heat and Resilient at holding it for long periods.

  • The Fogarty Charcoal Oven : uses all three of those heat exchangers to full effect resulting in a high performance closed chamber solid fuelled oven.


time and taste:

Quicker turnaround time on short order cooking maintaining it's beautiful barbecue taste.


you and you:

You are in control you need this in your kitchen.

Our customers love the Fogarty Charcoal Oven

"The Fogarty Charcoal Oven has changed the way we cook in our kitchen cutting service time and bringing magical flavours to our food which has pleased our customers and ultimately increased our revenue..."

The Steakhouse and Bistro Pub - Staffordshire

"The best decision we have made choosing the Fogarty Oven,our food now has succulent flavours and its flexibility allows us to grill,roast ,slow cook and even smoke almost anything"

The Carbone Italian Restaurant - Rome

"Sensational food from a sensational charcoal grill the Fogarty oven really is outstanding and lets you be in control"

The Sour Monkey Bar and Grill

"You need this in your kitchen,it is easy to maintain it creates the finest tasting authentic food it has finesse and the food stays moist and succulent"

The Forest Oak Bistro Pub

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